Guardianship Explained

Guardianship Explained
If you are sending your son or daughter to an Irish secondary school, all schools will require you to nominate an Irish-based guardian who is responsible for your child and who will act in the best interests of your child for the duration of their stay. Parents who do not have a friend or family member who live in Ireland often turn to the services of a guardianship organisation such as GodsilEducation.
Critically, as educators, we understand that each child is different and we work hard to ensure each child gets the support he or she needs while in Ireland. For many young people, having a trusted and reliable education guardian proves to be a vital aspect of a positive overseas experience. For many parents, it provides them with a peace of mind that’s invaluable.

Godsil Education will organise transfers, accommodation, provide continuous counselling and support, offer advice on subject selection and the Irish education system, monitor academic performance, assist with visa and convalidation requirements amongst many other supports.

Photo credit: The High School, Dublin

Guardianship Explained November 12, 2016