The High School Programme

The High School Programme
We are the experts in student placement and guardianship in Ireland. With over 40 years as educators in the Irish high school sector, we offer unrivalled knowledge and care to all our students and their families.
We have been assisting Irish and international students secure places in Irish high schools for over 40 years.

We have been looking after Irish and international students, their academics and their well-being for over 40 years.

For overseas students and agents, who want both of these services, we offer the very popular High Schools Programme.

By signing up to this programme, we will secure you a place in one of Ireland’s top high schools and ensure the highest quality of guardianship service. You can read more about our Guardianship service here.

Please download our High Schools Programme brochure here for full details.

Whether you’re a student, family or agent, call us to arrange a no-obligation Skype with Emma or Arthur and we will advise you on the best option.

Main Photo credit: The High School, Dublin

The High School Programme November 14, 2016