The Irish Education System
Ireland has a worldwide reputation for high quality education. An Irish secondary-school education ensures students reach the English language and academic standard required by world-renowned universities – across Ireland, the UK, Europe and America. Families choosing to send their sons or daughters often turn to the services of school placement organisations such as Godsil Education.

We also advise families relocating to Ireland on schools for their children

Schools will require you to nominate an Irish-based guardian who is responsible for your child and who will act in the best interests of your child for the duration of their stay. Parents who do not have a friend or family member who live in Ireland will also require an Education Guardianship service.

There are public and private, boarding and day-schools in Ireland. Godsil Education works with these schools and can advise families of the academic and extracurricular programmes on offer.

See here for a full explanation of the Irish Education System, the subjects that are typically studied and a description of The Fourth Year Experience that international students love so much!

Photo credit: Rockwell College, Tipperary

The Irish Education System November 14, 2016