School Placements

School Placements

1 KH well maintained 80 acre campus

The Guardianship and Placement Service

The Guardianship and Placement service is provided by Godsil Education: an educational consultancy led by Arthur Godsil and Emma Godsil.

Arthur Godsil is former Headmaster of St Andrew’s College, Dublin – an international K-12 school of 1250 students. Emma Godsil, has taught at secondary level in Ireland and overseas and possesses qualifications in English language teaching, counselling and psychology. Together, we have over 40 years experience of the Irish secondary school system and understand what is necessary to ensure a positive academic experience.

We work with carefully selected partner schools to ensure a personal service. We have excellent relations with the Principals and leadership teams within these schools and are assured of their quality educational programmes – both academic and extra-curricular activities. Our small portfolio and personal relationship ensures students receive individual care and attention as they pursue their academic goals away from home.

All our programmes are run on an academic yearly basis, but we can make accommodations for students wishing to study here for one term (approx. 12 weeks).

Our extensive pastoral service ensures the students are comfortable and settled in their new environment and feel they can call on us at any time. We provide an individual orientation programme on arrival and ongoing support throughout the year. We meet with the students regularly for coaching sessions and to help them settle in. Parents are consistently kept abreast of their child’s progress in terms of settling and academic development.

The Process

Application stage

All the information parents need to know about our partner schools is on the school’s individual websites, which we will provide upon request. Information about the school’s ethos, history and programmes can assist parents choose the best fit for their child. As we understand the differences of each school profile, we can offer guidance and advice to parents in making the decision. It is possible to make arrangements to visit the school and we can set up appointments with the Principal on behalf of the family.

Arrival in Ireland

We personally welcome all new students at Dublin Airport, where we meet the students for the first time. We bring them to their accommodation (see below) and introduce them to their host family or school representative. A departure transfer service is also provided for students leaving Ireland. We can arrange additional airport transfers should the students wish to travel home throughout the year.


Upon arrival, we arrange to meet each student for an orientation meeting within the first week. During this time, we bring students shopping for the school uniform, text books and any other necessary items. We also answer any questions they may have about their first few days in the country.


New students are obliged to meet with either Arthur or Emma every week for the first four weeks to talk through any questions they want answered and to generally ensure they are settling in well. After this initial period, we meet with students regularly to keep up to date of their progress. These regular meetings give students a dedicated opportunity to talk with an educator about any issues that might be bothering them – inside or outside school.

Emergencies & Medical problems

Both parents and students are provided with a 24-hour, 7-day week emergency telephone number for Godsil Education. When necessary, we will accompany the student to medical appointments and will process any documentation necessary for insurance.

Reporting & Parent-teacher meetings

Schools have parent teacher meetings once or twice a year. We will attend the parent – teacher meetings and provide a full feedback report to the parent. School reports will be sent from the school to Godsil Education. We keep a record of the results and send a copy to the parents.

Holidays & Half-term Breaks

Schools take holidays for approximately 2 weeks at Easter and 2 weeks at Christmas. There is also a week’s holiday each October and February – called half-term breaks. Students who board typically move out of school during these times. We can organise for students to be hosted with one of our welcoming familes . This cost is additional and is planned on a case by case basis.

Managed Expense Accounts

Godsil Education can manage an expense account for the parents for any expenses during the school year (school items, school trips, books etc.). In addition we can hold pocket money on account and provide this to the student once a month.

Our Partner Schools

All our partner schools are Dublin-based, secondary schools with long traditions of providing excellence in education. They are renowned for their academic, sporting and pastoral programmes. Families can choose between our fee-paying and non-fee-paying schools. We are very happy to discuss the best suitability for your child and can organise a phone appointment for this if you so wish.

Accommodation Options

Day School: Host Families


It is very important that all students are placed in an environment that allows them to feel happy and safe. Students attending a day school will stay with one of our welcoming host families, who have been carefully selected by us. We visit the students and our host families regularly to make sure the student is comfortable and to assist with any issues that may arise. We aim to place students with host families who already have students attending our partner schools.

This has made for a very positive experience for both the students and the families. Staying with an Irish family allows the student to experience at first-hand, Irish family life and culture. A single room is guaranteed and all meals are provided.

Boarding School

The boarding option allows students to fully immerse themselves in the life of the College. It offers students the opportunity to live in a caring and supportive community with their fellow students where there are plenty of opportunities for recreation, sport and friendship. Students from Ireland and worldwide choose our partner school on account of their inclusive and diverse ethos. Students will be accommodated in dormitories with approximately 2 – 6 students per room and all meals are provided for. There is excellent supervision and daily routines including supervised night study.

The Irish Education System

Secondary school education in Ireland consists of a three-year Junior Cycle, followed by a two or three-year Senior Cycle, depending on whether the optional Transition Year is taken.

The Junior Cycle (Years 1, 2 and 3 for students aged 12-15)

Students begin secondary school at age 12 in Year 1. Over these three years, the main objective is for students to complete a broad and balanced curriculum, that includes humanities, languages, science and technology, music and arts, numeracy and literacy and other electives that they wish. They sit a state examination in Third Year called the Junior Cycle Student Award before they proceed to the Senior Cycle.

The Senior Cycle (Years 4, 5 and 6 for students aged 15-18)

The first year of the Senior Cycle is optional and it is called Transition Year (TY). TY provides an opportunity for students to experience a wide range of educational inputs, including work experience, over the course of a year that is free from formal examinations. In Year 5 & 6, students prepare for the terminal university entrance examination called the Leaving Certificate. Students study the core subjects of English, Irish and Maths and choose an additional 3-4 elective subjects from a breadth of 30 subjects. Irish is not compulsory for overseas students provided their primary education up to 11 years of age was received outside Ireland.

Full academic support

The priority is to ensure all students are resourced to achieve to their full potential. Godsil Education can manage the necessary academic support according to each student’s needs. The following services are available on request:

  • We can provide advice on university applications and help students plan their higher education options.
  • We can provide individual, academic coaching and manage supplementary academic support, where necessary.
  • We have a team of qualified EAL teachers to facilitate intensive English language classes when needed.

Costs of Programme

The costs of the programme depend on the following choices:

  • Which school you wish your child to attend
  • Whether you wish your child to board or stay with a family
  • How long you wish your child to study in Ireland

Please contact us to request the websites of our selected partner schools, so you can start considering this exciting opportunity for your child. We will then set up an individual consultation with you to offer our advice and answer any questions you might have.