Student Services

Student Services

Led by a strengths-based philosophy, we advise students and parents on educational matters. We assess students’ strengths and develop personalised learning programmes; we provide coaching to students wanting to gain entry to Irish, US, UK and international universities and we offer a full school placement programme for students wanting to attend schools here or abroad.

Academic Strengths Education Trainer – ASET™

ASET™ is a specifically designed tool to:
  • assist students preparing for the Leaving Certificate.
  • maximise their performance across all subject disciplines.
ASET™ works on three basic principles:
  • It focuses on students’ strengths
  • It is personalised
  • It is non-judgemental and accepting of students’ differing abilities
It is a proven methodology which focuses on the strengths of the student to enhance the learning outcomes and motivation. It is based in the belief that motivation rests within the student and coaches the student to exploit the inherent ability he or she enjoys, rather than trying to remediate difficulties. ASET™ does not ignore difficulties, it simply focuses on the student’s strengths. Challenging areas may be dealt with at the end of the process. It is personalized and makes no judgement on past, present or future performance. ASET™ allows the student to design personalised study programmes which work best for her or him.

Outcomes have been exceptional with students typically recording 100% improvement in their performance. Some recording over 300%.

US College Applications

GodsilEducation provides a full service for students wishing to study in the United States. This involves providing appropriate transcripts and credits acceptable to US colleges, advice on colleges, information on financial aid and the requirements for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

We also provide full preparation for and assistance with Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). We arrange for the sittings and advise on the timing. Each application demands a personalised approach ensuring that letters of recommendation, transcripts and application process are appropriately managed.

College applications (CAO UCAS)

GodsilEducation provides a full counseling service for Irish and UK University and third-level application. Increasingly, the entry to many courses requires Admission Tests or Aptitude Tests. In addition, portfolio assessment and audition requirements are commonplace for creative arts courses. GodsilEducation provides full preparation and guidance in all preparation requirements.

Individual Educational Assessment for Students

A large range of educational assessment tools is available to assist parents and educators identify the learning profile of children. Information on the range of these assessments is available on the Department of Education and Skills (DES) website.

GodsilEducation provides full advice and administration service on the appropriate assessment, if any, for your son or daughter. Tests are carried out by our experienced and qualified professionals in the field. Analysis and feedback are given to parents and, where appropriate the child. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed in conjunction with the school. Guidance is provided for as long as required to ensure the full application of agreed (IEP).

Cyber safety programme

This programme is designed for both parents and students.

IT in the 21st Century has an all-encompassing role within the lives of children and adults. New technologies enhance communication and the sharing of information. Current and emerging technologies used by children and teenagers can compromise the safety of our young people. This programme addresses the ways in which parents and young adults can successfully protect their children and actively promote activities which are cyber safe. It includes assisting schools in the development an E-safety policy, advice for parents and students on managing the Internet safely, provides advice on the careful use of digital and video images and social network sites and how to protect our children from the effects of cyberbullying.

Alcohol and drug awareness programmes

No school is an island and as alcohol and substance abuse has become all too common in Irish society, schools and parents have had to deal with their effects on our young people. This programme is designed for both students and parents with separate presentations and seminars focusing on the most current information. It offers advice to parents and students based in factual contemporary information using case studies to illustrate the effects of misuse. Presentations are given by qualified professionals and are assisted by individuals who tell of their experience and rehabilitation. The programme understands that teenagers want information rather than being lectured. It is delivered in an objective manner, concentrating on communicating accurately and effectively.

Subject Choice for Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate

We offer parents and students guidance advice on subject choice at both Junior and Senior levels. The variety of choice provided can be quite confusing. Courses change regularly and it is important to ensure that students make the right choices for their own particular strengths. While this is especially important at Senior level, getting the right start in First Year can avoid difficulties at a later stage.